Live casinos are an extremely new form of internet gambling, which involves the act that occurs in traditional brick and mortar casino venues. However, unlike normal online casino gambling, the outcome of all the games is determined entirely by a real person instead of being purely an automated system. Despite being wildly popular among players worldwide, live games still require the casino to make an investment in technology and staff. This article will seek to provide a little information on this fascinating new gambling form.

The term “live casino” can mean any number of things. A few of the more popular types include live dealer casinos, live poker casinos, and live video poker casinos. Essentially, a dealer at one of these live casinos will take part in the games in the same way that a regular dealer would, though the roles are not necessarily identical. In live casinos, one of the most crucial roles that a live dealer plays is to act as an “in-person” tutor to the players. They will be able to closely monitor the actions of each of their customers in an effort to determine what their next moves might be.

In a live dealer casino, each customer is given a hat and asked to place it on their head while they sit in the front of a dealer table. Each customer is then dealt a hand of cards, and then they are given a set amount of time within which they must complete all their bets before the current hand ends. Should they miss the bet or the time window expires, they lose all of their money from that hand. In this manner, a live dealer casino is nothing more than a traditional online casino, but with the addition of the live dealer element.